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It may be difficult to consider but making funeral plans before a death occurs is a valuable option. Whether you’re creating a plan for yourself or assisting a loved one with their plan, Locke Funeral Services can assist you with advance funeral planning services. Our staff stands ready to help you create a plan so everything is carried out according to your wishes. This removes the burden from someone else planning a funeral after a death occurs. You can start the advance planning process with our planning portal. Contact our staff to schedule a consultation for assistance in planning a funeral. 

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Stages of Advance Planning

Preplanning a Funeral

It’s possible you’ve already started the process of planning for your funeral, at least informally. Preplanning involves discussions with your loved ones about your wishes. This can include items like:

  • Music that will be played
  • Cemeteries for burial
  • Cremation
  • Other specific requests

Prearranging a Funeral

At this stage, Locke Funeral Services can step in and assist in recording and finalizing your plans. This can include collecting biographical information and developing instructions for the flowers and other items you would like included in the funeral. We will keep a permanent record of your wishes that can be accessed at any time for updates.

Pre-Paying For a Funeral

Preparing for a funeral can also include saving money to cover the costs. We can assist you with prepayment and make sure you have accurate pricing to make sure there is enough money to carry out your wishes.