What is Continuous Care?

The funeral services are over, but the rollercoaster of grief continues. We believe in Continuous Care, which is a free support service provided by the funeral home for the weeks and months to come. 
A Continuous Care Coordinator can help by:

  • Providing support for individuals and families after loss
  • Providing resources for individuals and for grieving families

Understanding Grief

Grief is experienced in a multitude of ways. Everyone’s loss is unique, which means there are as many different ways of coping with grief.

It is said that grief is like a maze—there are those that may be able to navigate it naturally, while others may feel confused, lost, or may need someone to help them find their way.

“To heal in grief is to become whole again, to integrate your grief into yourself, and to learn to continue your changed life with fullness and meaning.”

-From “Understanding your Grief” by Alan Wolfelt, Ph.D.

We can help you try to make sense of this confusing time. Our Continuous Care Coordinator does not take the place of a certified counselor—they are here to give concrete, practical help.

Discovering Hope

Grief is as individual as people. There is no one way to overcome overwhelming grief, but through support and direction, there can be renewal. Grieving requires reflection, care of body and mind, and most importantly, ample time to heal.

Out of commitment for service, our Continuous Care program is here to listen, care, educate, and provide you with support in difficult times.

How We Can Help

Losing a loved one can be an emotional and confusing time. Help is available.

Have questions? Call (319) 505-3048 to speak with our Continuous Care Coordinator.

Our Continuous Care Coordinator Vicki Jolene Reece

Continuous Care Coordinator

Help is Available

Our Continuous Care program features a variety of options for those adjusting to life after a loss. We offer our services to support individuals and families through times of grief and adjustment in a variety of ways:

  • Meet with our Continuous Care Coordinator for support by phone or for a visit
  • Drop in on one of our Thursday support groups
  • Attend our monthly Social Outing
  • Subscribe to the quarterly newsletter, The Care Courier
  • Visit our blog

Meet the Coordinator

The Rev. Vicki Jolene Reece “Pastor Vicki” graduated from Northern Illinois University with a B.S. in Child Development. She then graduated from United Methodist’s Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary in Evanston, Illinois with an emphasis in Pastoral Care and ordained in 1984.  She served churches in Lansing and Wheaton, Illinois, working in youth and young adult ministries.

She met her late husband Wendel while performing his brother’s wedding. They married and moved to Florida where she worked in the Office of Communication for the Catholic Diocese of Orlando as a producer and writer for the television show, “Real to Real.” She also served as a pastor in Sanford, Florida. Since 2000, she has been a pastor in Cedar Falls, Eldora and Jesup. She has companioned individuals and families through the joys of birth, the blessings and challenges of family life, illnesses, and death. She retired in 2017 before beginning her position of Continuous Care Grief Coordinator for Locke Funeral Services, Waterloo, in 2021.

Vicki is proud to be a UNI Panther. Wendel retired from UNI in 2019 and both their daughters graduated from UNI. She has emceed at Sturgis Falls in Overman Park for fifteen years. They make their home at Friendship Village in Waterloo.