Who We Are & How We Serve You

Our Purpose

It is our purpose to offer our help fairly, honestly, and compassionately. We offer our help not only to families at a time of death, but also to individuals in planning before a funeral or gathering. Our help is also available after the funeral through a wide range of services and resources. This is in our involvement in the community.

We believe we have a responsibility to help people make the right decisions for themselves by providing information and explaining the options available.  When a decision is reached, our help is available to carry out your instructions.

In 1946, C.P. Locke pledged that we would be "Where your wishes govern." That same pledge holds true today as we offer a four-generation commitment to Integrity, Service, and Excellence. We measure our success by your satisfaction in our help.

Our History

  • timeline year 1928

    In 1928, Carroll P. Locke came to Waterloo where he worked for other funeral homes.

  • Timeline year 1945

    In 1945 he and his wife Margaret purchased Petersen Brothers Funeral Home and renamed it Locke Funeral Services. Both devoted their time and energy to the funeral home until their deaths.

  • Timeline year 1946

    In 1946 C. P. Locke vowed we would be “Where your wishes govern,” and we are proud to say that, four generations later, that is still the case. Through addition of staff and facilities we feel we are able to serve any family with whatever instructions they may have.

  • Timeline year 1950's

    In the early 1950’s their sons John and Fred joined their parents in the funeral home.

  • Timeline year 1963

    1963: Carroll P. Locke passes away

  • Timeline year 1968

    In 1968, seeing a need for expanded and modern facilities, John and Fred constructed the facility at 1519 West Fourth Street.

  • Timeline year 1973

    In 1973 Jack, John's son, joined the family full time as a third-generation funeral director.

  • Timeline year 1982

    1982: Margaret Locke passes away

  • Timeline year 1985

    In 1985 Fred sold his interest in the funeral home and moved to North Carolina.

  • Timeline year 1993

    In 1993 John and Jack expanded the facilities to twice their original size in addition to complete remodeling and refurbishing of the existing portion.

  • Timeline year 2001

    In 2001 Eric, Jack's son, joined the family full time as the fourth-generation funeral director.

  • Timeline year 2011

    In 2011, after 60 years, John’s health required he retire.

  • Timeline year 2013

    The Locke family purchases Kearns Funeral Service, Garden View Chapel, and LaPorte City Funeral Home.

  • Timeline year 2017

    John died March 26, 2017.

  • Timeline year 2020

    In 2020 Locke breaks ground on brand-new facility for Locke at Tower Park